Stone Locator

We always recommend going out and viewing stone on houses before you make your final decision.  Lighting in the showroom can make colors look differently than natural light. Select the manufacturer, profile, and color below to view addresses of homes with your selection on them.  We are always adding to this list.  If you do not find an address with your selection, please  call our office  so we can try to find one for you.  Please check the address on google maps before driving there to make sure the home is close to the road and able to be seen easily.  At the time of making this locator, we had to bulk load addresses.  If you find any addresses that are not good for viewing, please let us know so we can remove it from the list.




Address Search

If you are driving through an allotment and see a house that you like, you can search the address below.  If it is in our database, it will display what stone is on the house.  Please only include the street number and the street name.  Do not include the city, or street type such as rd., st., cr. etc. (Example: enter "1234 Main") You can also search only city names or street names to display all address in that city or street. (Example: "medina")

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