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Stone Fireplace

Dutch Country Stone offers the area’s most competitive prices on veneer stone and the most experienced and professional installation crews. We offer several brands of stone and can even work with any custom stone for your next project. As an installing distributor, Dutch Country Stone can quote material, labor or a complete installation. Whether you are a building professional, having a new home built, or remodeling your existing home, Dutch Country Stone can help your bottom line. We also have a beautifully decorated showroom, open at your convenience, to choose the perfect stone for your project. Dutch Country Stone also offers landscaping pavers. Please contact us for more information on our products.


If you are in the beginning of the process of selecting stone for your home, you have come to the right place!  If you visit our show room you will find the most samples in this area of many different stone manufacturers.  Some of these manufacturers include Dutch Quality Stone, Prestige Stone, Stonecraft, Provia, and Eldorado. Along with these manufacturers we also carry several others.

For a lot of the stones, we can have them delivered to you in as little as one day.

How to prepare for a visit to our showroom

If you plan on visiting our showroom there are several things you can do and bring to make your trip as successful as possible.  Before coming, we recommend that you briefly browse the selections on our website so you have somewhat of an idea what you like when you visit.  After that, if you want to bring a sample home with you to see at your house, let us know when you will be visiting and what stones you think you may like so we are sure to have a carry board that you can bring home with you.


What to Bring

Some things that really help to bring while visiting are samples of your siding, roofing, and trim colors if you're doing exterior stone.  If you are going to be installing stone on the interior of your house it helps to bring samples of your flooring, wall colors, cabinet colors, or anything else that may be in that room. 

If you are purchasing stone to install yourself or for your mason to install, you can either pick it up from our office or we can deliver it to the job site with our delivery truck and moffett.  Most masons prefer having it delivered by us because the moffett allows us to spot the materials around the job site exactly where the mason will need it.  This speeds up the install process since the mason will not have to carry all the materials around the house and also frees up the laborer to do other more important things.

delivery truck
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