Dutch Country Stone is a family owned and operated business. From the moment you walk through or showroom door, until your job is completed, you will notice that we take great pride in providing great customer service. You can take comfort knowing that along nearly every step in the process you will be working with family. Along with our customer service, we also work extremely hard with our installers to make sure that the work we are providing is top notch and that manufacturers requirements are followed.

Our experience in the masonry and construction industries started in 1978 with the owner working as a mason. From there, he worked for a building company as a supervisor. So not only do we bring many years of masonry experience, but we have many years of construction experience as well, which allows us to make sure that work done prior to ours is done correctly, to make sure you can rest easy knowing that everything from the stone to proper flashing or window installation is done how it should be.

The owner, Denny Frazier, started installing stone on the side in 2002. From there we have grown to having many full time install crews that install stone every day, all year round. With our masons only installing stone, this allows them to be some of the best in the industry because they spend all of their time with only stone and improving their skills every day of the week.

Our experience allows us to do anything from the smallest residential back splash, to some of the largest commercial projects of 10,000 plus square feet, and everything in between.